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Simons top 10 tips for telemarketing success 
Northamptonshire based Business Development Expert, Simon White, shares his top 10 tips for telemarketing success. 
1. Set clear objectives – Are you looking to generate a qualified face to face appointment or make a sale? Who do you want to speak to/meet with? Make sure you set yourself a clear objective. 
2. Do your pre-call research – Use social media to research who you need to speak to and gain background information prior to picking up the phone. 
3. Use a blended prospecting approach – Don’t just rely on the telephone, use other tools such as social media, email, direct mail and networking to help warm prospects prior to telephoning. 
4. Utilise the best possible data – Whether it is purchased from a specialist broker or self-generated, make sure it is up to date and relevant. Bad data is frustrating, de-motivating and costly. 
5. Manage your progress – A good CRM system is at the heart of every successful sales campaign, allowing you to track your calls, log your notes and manage your sales pipeline. 
6. Structure your calls – The biggest mistake is saying too much and sounding too salesy – keep it short, keep it conversational and never sound like a telemarketer! 
7. Know what to ask – Prepare a list of open-ended questions to build rapport and qualify opportunities. Your time is valuable and you should only meet with prospects that meet your criteria. 
8. Anticipate objections – Know what they could be and have the answers – objections are often a buying signal and provide you with the opportunity to satisfy concerns. 
9. Support materials – Create good supporting information, such as case studies, to provide to the prospect if required. 
10. Diary management – Always confirm meetings, ideally by sending the prospect an Outlook invitation. It is worthwhile calling the prospect a few days prior to the meeting to confirm your/their expectations for the meeting and to check the address and parking details. 
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