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 Latest News  

INTRODUCING MY SALES-FOCUSED MASTERMIND GROUP - MAY 2024  I am pleased to announce the launch of my monthly sales-focused mastermind group. Whether directors or business owners, this group aims to support those focused on business development and client growth.  My mastermind group brings together participants from various businesses, sectors, and business sizes, offering a wealth of parallel experiences and knowledge. These monthly sessions provide essential support, accountability, and opportunities to upskill in sales techniques and knowledge. Each month, we meet to share insights and challenges, benefiting from the collective experience of the group. Additionally, each session includes training on vital sales skills and techniques, with a different focus each month.  If this sounds like something you or your team might be interested in, please let me know.  

INSPIRING FEEDBACK FROM VALUED CLIENTS - APRIL 2024   It’s always lovely to receive feedback from clients. The first message was from a long-standing client, their company's top salesperson, with whom I've had the privilege to coach for several years. The second message came from a new client who's just starting their journey in sales but already showing great promise and enthusiasm, destined to be amazing in the field. The third is from the director of a new client whose team I trained over two days this month.  "Thanks again for keeping me at the top of my game. It is appreciated, and I really value every coaching session."  "Thank you for all the training and support you’ve given me. I feel as if I genuinely have superpowers; I won’t ever forget this."  "The guys are still buzzing about the training, so thank you for delivering an amazing couple of days."  I feel blessed to work with such a fantastic group of business people.  If you want your sales team to feel this way too, then let's chat.   

BUSY WEEK OF LINKEDIN TRAINING - 18th - 22nd MARCH 2024  It’s been a productive week of LinkedIn training with 59 delegates from 8 companies joining across two in-person sessions and five online Zoom sessions.   My course focuses on utilising LinkedIn for Business Development. We delve into profile optimisation, expanding your professional network, and lead generation (and I even provide prospecting templates). Additionally, we cover fundamental aspects such as ensuring your settings are correctly configured – often overlooked.  Participants gain invaluable insights into harnessing the full potential of the LinkedIn platform. We explore the latest updates and features introduced by LinkedIn, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to optimise your professional presence and networking opportunities. 

SPEAKING AT LOUGHBOROUGH COLLEGE - 6th MARCH 2024   This morning, I'm delivering two talks to business studies students at Loughborough College, focusing on setting up and running a business. Looking forward to sharing my journey and lessons learned to help others avoid common mistakes.  

SPEAKING AGAIN AT THE ORIGINAL BUSINESS CLUB – 27th FEBRUARY 2024  Great to be asked to be the headline speaker again at the Original Business Club in Peterborough. This time I will be speaking on the topic of ‘how to close without sounding salesy!’ It will be another interactive talk covering micro closes, trial closes, and final closes.  

SPEAKING AT THE ORIGINAL BUSINESS CLUB – 10th OCTOBER 2023   I’ll be speaking at the Original Business Club in Peterborough this week on the topic of how to use questions in selling. It’s also visitors’ night, so we expect the room at the Holiday Inn Peterborough to be packed. 

Are you looking to enhance your team's sales performance and equip them with the necessary skills for modern selling?   Introducing "Sales Mastery: Empowering the Modern Seller" - a dynamic and comprehensive 3-day Sales Training Course designed to elevate your sales game.   Equip your team with essential skills, including effective cold calling, structuring prospect meetings, persuasive communication, negotiation, closing techniques, and account management.   Our tailored and practical approach empowers your team to thrive in today's competitive market, unlocking their full sales potential.  

PUBLIC LINKEDIN TRAINING COURSE (MARCH 31ST 2023)  3-hour Bite-Sized LinkedIn Training Session for Professionals.   Accessed via Zoom.  Through attending this 3-hour training session you will learn how to get the most from the LinkedIn platform, including:  Setting up a strong LinkedIn profile Basic navigation & settings Measuring your LinkedIn activity How to build your network LinkedIn etiquette How to create content that drives engagement How to approach potential clients & corporate partners Creating an action plan that is manageable and gets results  Just £95.00 per person.  

ACTIVE MAGAZINE (OCTOBER 2022)  Interviewed by Active Magazine on my role as a Sales Trainer and Coach. 

SKILLSHUB:MK (March 2022)  As part of the SkillsHub:MK initiative, I will be providing sales training to businesses in the Milton Keynes area. 

BUSINESS IN THE REAL WORLD (December 2021)  Great to be invited to speak on Garry Crosby's YouTube channel. Business in the Real World. Ep.4. Power Up Your LinkedIn. 

BUILDING WINS LIVE WITH RANDY CHAFFEE (September 2021)  Great to be invited to speak on Randy Chaffee’s Building Wins LIVE show.   

IS0 20700 IN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY (March 2021)  I'm now a ISO 20700 trained consultant (the global standard for the professional Management Consultants). What does this mean? As well as my clients knowing that I take my own personal development seriously, it demonstrates that I have a framework to make clear decisions about deliverables. This enables me to take my consultancy clients on a clear journey that avoids unnecessary bumps in the road. 

SPEAKING AT THE INSTITUTE OF CONSULTANTS (February 2021)  So honoured to be invited by the Institute of Consulting to talk today (February 23rd) on the subject of sales at their webinar ‘So you’re thinking of becoming a consultant’. Over 160 delegates attended the session.  #salescoach #salestraining #businessdevelopment 

WORDS THAT HAVE IMPACT! (December 2020)  Discussing 'words that have impact' with US sales coach Christine Harrington.  Watch the video here 

JULIE-ANN HAMMOND - SUCCESSFUL ATHLETE & SALES PROFESSIONAL! (December 2020)  Discussing 'sales mindset' with my client Julie-Ann and US sales coach Christine Harrington Watch the video here 

TIPS FOR SUCCESFUL COLD CALLS! (November 2020)  Discussing 'cold calling' with US sales coach Christine Harrington.  Watch the video here 

CLOSING TIPS AND CLOSING TRUTHS! (October 2020)  Discussing 'closing' with US sales coach Christine Harrington.  Watch the video here 

OVERCOMING SALES OBJECTIONS (September 2020)  Discussing 'objections' with US sales coach Christine Harrington.  Watch the video here 

HOW TO QUALIFY SALES LEADS! (August 2020)  Discussing 'qualifying' with US sales coach Christine Harrington.  Watch the video here 

ARE YOU FOLLOWING UP THE RIGHT WAY? (August 2020)  Discussing with Christine Harrington the right way for sales people to follow up with prospects.  Watch the video here 

THE BIGGEST MISTAKES SALESPEOPLE MAKE - Part 2 (July 2020)  Continuing my discussion with Christine Harrington on the biggest mistakes that salespeople make!   Watch part 2 here 

THE BIGGEST MISTAKES SALESPEOPLE MAKE - Part 1 (July 2020)  Discussing with Christine Harrington (US based Sales Coach, Sales Educator, Public Speaker and Presenter) the biggest mistakes that salespeople make!   Watch part 1 here 

TRAINING VIDEOS (June 2020)  Yes, it’s happening! Christine Harrington (US based Sales Coach, Sales Educator, Public Speaker and Presenter) and I are working together to bring you training videos to help #smallbusinessowners and #businessdevelopmentmanager grow their businesses. Watch for upcoming videos and collaborations. We may have an ocean between us, but we agree and share the same sales philosophies and experiences. Stay tuned!   

PODCAST - THE EVOLUTION OF SELLING (June 2020)  I was recently invited on Punit Jansari's new podcast. We discussed the evolution of selling in a post Covid-19 world, as well as discussing some of the mistakes sales people make. We also discussed the one technique that I wish I had known myself when I started out in sales!  To listen, click on one of these links:  Spotify link Apple link 

ZOOM BASED TRAINING - DURING COVID-19 LOCK-DOWN (May 2020)  Do you manage a team who are new to working from home? Are they feeling isolated, disconnected or demotivated?  I run live, bite-sized sales skills training sessions via Zoom. Lots of subjects to choose from, including telesales, sales (various topics), customer service, account management, presentation skills, assertiveness and time management.  Here's a recent testimonial for my Zoom based training sessions:  "Simon has recently delivered 4 different bite-size training sessions for MK College via Zoom, each was on a different subject broken into 3 half an hour sessions. Each session acted as both a refresher of the skills we have and their application but also challenged us to learn new approaches, I can already see these being applied to our everyday business making an impact. Apart from adding valuable cpd to our teams, these sessions have become a vital part of us adapting to working in a remote environment, offering the opportunity to come together and share experience and find solutions. Simon’s experience and warm delivery style has been a key element of making this happen" - Anna Clarke, Head of Employee Engagement, Milton Keynes College  Email for further details.  


I had an amazing time with the Hire A Hubby team recently. I was asked to facilitate a team building event for their franchisees. Here are some pics from the session. 

SKILL PILL MIX (September 2019) 

The next SKILL PILL MIX open training workshop for L&D professionals and senior managers is on 20/09/19 in Northampton. Join Simon, Jon and Punit for a fun learning experience. The 3 training workshops are:  
Transferable sales skills 
‘Fundamental techniques to sell more today’ 
Delivered by Simon white, sales trainer and business development coach 
Time management 
‘Control your time to take control of your life’ 
Delivered by Jon Britain, L&D consultant & trainer 
Coaching capability 
‘Harnessing the potential & resources within’ 
Delivered by Punit Jansari, L&D coach & facilitator 
10am to 2pm at the Yeoman Of England (31 High Street Wootton Northampton, NN4 6LP) 
£15 on the door – all proceeds to our charity partner - Northamptonshire Health Charity. 

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Open Telemarketing Training Course (May 2018) 

This one-day course covers the key steps in the telemarketing process and is aimed at anyone who is seeking to consistently generate qualified sales meetings with decision-makers.  
Course details and booking information are via the following link: 

Northamptonshire Business Expo (June 2017)  

If you are considering hiring a sales coach or would like some help with business development, meet with Simon White at the Northamptonshire Business Expo. 
22nd June 2017 Holiday Inn NN18 8ET. 
inbusiness magazine (August 2016) 
Simon White explains the benefits of an independent business development health check in the August/September edition of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce magazine. 
If you are thinking of taking your business to the next level, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a business development health check. 
Business development expert Simon White explains that investing in an independent audit can provide companies with a greater focus on where they are in order to plan for future growth. 
Simon says:  
Business development health checks enable companies to focus their business development strategy and maximise sales performance exactly where it is required. 
A business health check can typically include: 
Interviews with team members 
Meetings with key stakeholders 
Accompanied new business meetings 
Evaluation of CRM software and prospect data 
Review of sales materials and proposals  
The health check can provide firms with an in-depth assessment of the business development function within a company, including current best practice and recommendations for improvement. 
If the lack of sales wins, high customer churn rate or underperforming sales staff keep you awake at night, then your company could benefit from an independent business development health check. 
Simon has a career spanning 20 years in sales and marketing, including seven years as business development director for a leading promotional marketing agency. He set up his company Simon White Business Development in 2014 providing business development consultancy, sales coaching and mentoring and sales support services. He offers bespoke business development health checks. 
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