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 Client Feedback and Reviews 

Here's what my clients have to say about my sales development consultancy, sales training and coaching: 
"I employed Simon to plan and deliver a bespoke sales training course for our sales and marketing team. Our products and services are diverse as are our clients across multiple sectors. We started with Simon basically interviewing me to fully understand the business, its current market position and what my aspirations were. A week later our team of six were thrown to the mercy of Zoom under the command of Simon. We are coming to the end of the sales training programme now, I must say Simon has gone above and beyond and exceeded my expectations delivering a first class programme to which all our staff have benefited. Simon came to my attention from a recommendation, I now have the opportunity to recommend him from first hand experience. Great job thanks Simon" 
Robert White, Managing Director,  
SPSC (UK) Ltd, Lincoln 
"Simon offers the perfect blend of social and technical skills in selling. Marketing is a social science; Simon has all the knowledge and experience needed to train you and/0r your staff so they're able to reach much higher and enjoy the journey. He's also a pleasure to spend time with" 
John Pearce, CEO,  
Made in Britain, Oxford 
"Simon gave a fabulous talk on Consultative Selling at the BCS (British Computer Society) on the 8th October 19. Engaging and entertaining but authoritative and carefully packaged. Everyone went away with something new that they could apply to their own selling. A master class for sure. Big thanks on behalf of the BCS for this generous contribution to its work. Alan Warr as Chair of the BCS Consultancy Specialist Group” 
Alan Warr, Chair, 
BCS Consultancy Specialist Group, London 
"We found Simon's training informative, knowledgeable and overall boosted us to get back out there and be the best we can be. After being in sales for 18 years I wondered if Simon could offer much towards my technique, however he came out with a number of tips, tweaks and changes that have really enhanced my pitch. I would recommend Simon for any business big or small. It’s the small changes that make the big difference” 
Sally Haines,  
Anglotech Solutions, Wellingborough 
"Simon was a great breath of fresh air to the team. As a company newer to telesales, Simon’s expertise and training was both engaging and extremely useful. As a result, we’ve been able to develop new initiatives, change mind-sets and put structure around sales processes. I would certainly recommend Simon – he’s an excellent trainer and all-round good guy! Thanks!” 
Ajay Mistry, Partnerships Director,  
BHIB Insurance Brokers 
"I attended one of Simon’s taster sessions on sales skills and it was fascinating how much I learnt in just one hour. Simon articulates the key areas of what a good sales person needs to do, one of which is to listen, and he presented in a fun and engaging way. Well worth attending his next session for hints and tips and as a reminder for those who have had sales training, there is plenty to learn and Simon has that knowledge” 
Lorna Dodwell, Marketing Consultant,  
"Our ambition is to create an entrepreneurial culture within our team, without the need for employing Sales Staff. Simon understood those subtleties and devised a training session to equip us with the fundamentals of selling without being “Salesy”. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon. The insights were invaluable and his style of training is very interactive, keeping everyone involved and engaged. There were a lot of helpful hacks to help us improve our listening skills and clarify our messaging. Very useful” 
Daniel Fagerson, Managing Director,  
SALT TV, London 
"We had Simon in for 2-day training session and found great value and benefit in doing so! From preparing a more structured call to creating perfect openers, asking those key open questions that lead to great buying signals. A great asset to any size business, would fully recommend!” 
Darran Goody, Managing Director,  
Springvale Foods, Ipswich 
"My team and I found Simon’s training engaging, actionable and very well tailored to our specific needs. We were able to immediately implement the techniques that Simon taught us and are now using many of these on a daily basis. As well as teaching us new techniques, the course helped us to look at areas that we had not focused on previously, enabling me to make improvements to our processes. I am happy to recommend Simon’s sales training” 
Gina Salter, Client Services,  
Wilson Browne Solicitors, Northampton 
“Since attending Simon’s telemarketing training course our qualified appointment rate has increased by over 400%! Simon’s courses are practical, fun and full of real world experience and advice” 
George Hoar, Sales Manager,  
Bonasystems, Hemel Hempstead 
“Simon has recently carried out a comprehensive review of the Business Development team and processes at Sundial. I’ve been very impressed with Simon’s thorough approach and the depth of his recommendations” 
Tim Chudley, Managing Director,  
Sundial Group, Northampton 
“Simon has provided Bonasystems with a range of consultancy and training services. This has included a comprehensive review of our business development function and sales processes, helping us implement an outsourced telemarketing campaign and by providing sales training to both our internal and field sales teams. I would happily recommend Simon to anyone looking to grow their business” 
Christian Harris, Sales Director,  
Bonasystems, Hemel Hempstead 
“Engaging, informative and thought provoking; words which describe my recent sales training session with Simon. Whether you’re new to sales or experienced, I would highly recommend you speak to Simon to find out how his extensive sales knowledge and experience will benefit you and your business" 
Eleanor Munro, Director,  
Customer Central, Northampton 
“I wish to recommend Simon. He came and coached our 7 strong sales force for The Garage Door Centre last month. Simon took the time to discover how we operate, which he picked up very quickly and held 121s with each of the team members, then he provided a tailor-made training session over two separate days. This was a great investment of our time and money and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve the motivation and skills of the whole sales department. Simon is generous in providing advice throughout any communication at any time during the process" 
Alice Dove, Director,  
The Garage Door Centre, Wellingborough 
“My client and I have recently completed a sales and marketing clinic with Simon. We both learned a lot from the session and found his recommendations to be considered, practical and easy to implement” 
John Paterson, Prince’s Trust Business Mentor 
“As one of Simon's students I can highly recommend him. Sessions are interactive, informative and as they are bite-sized are just the right size for these times” 
Caroline Sneesby Indge, Employee Engagement Manager, 
Milton Keynes College 
“I’ve known Simon for over 15 years, so when I needed assistance with a market feasibility study, I knew who to call. Simon quickly understood my requirements and provided a first-rate service” 
Richard Bundock, Managing Director,  
HK Timbers Ltd, Lincolnshire 
“Simon has recently delivered 4 different bite-size training sessions for MK College via Zoom, each was on a different subject broken into 3 half an hour sessions. Each session acted as both a refresher of the skills we have and their application but also challenged us to learn new approaches, I can already see these being applied to our everyday business making an impact. Apart from adding valuable cpd to our teams these sessions have become a vital part of us adapting to working in a remote environment, offering the opportunity to come together and share experience and find solutions. Simon’s experience and warm delivery style has been a key element of making this happen” 
Anna Clarke, Head of Employee Engagement,  
Milton Keynes College 
“I highly recommend Simon for any LinkedIn training needs. I have been using LinkedIn for many years as a semi-experienced user and I thought I had a good understanding of how to use it successfully. After the 3 x 1 hour sessions of training I have further increased my exposure on LinkedIn and now have a better insight in to getting my posts noticed” 
Darren Hartle, Electrotechnical Apprenticeships Advisor,  
The College of West Anglia, King's Lynn 
“If you are looking to improve your profile visibility/knowledge of LinkedIn I would highly recommend engaging with Simon. From a coaching or training session with Simon you will come away with immediate actions to put into place to enhance your profile, build confidence on publishing content, understand LinkedIn algorithms and tips to help you connect to the right people . You will see immediate returns, well worthwhile” 
Julie-Ann Hammond, Employee Engagement Manager, 
Milton Keynes College 
“When I first joined Milton Keynes College Group it was suggested that I might benefit from some sales coaching and my initial thought were “Do I need it after almost 30 years in Business Development? Oh what the hell, why not!” 
I am so glad I did because Simon has re-ignited that spark I had and helped me to rediscover my passion for sales by teasing out my forgotten strengths and building on them. 
Like many others I have benefitted hugely from Simon’s bite-sized LinkedIn training sessions. I had been using LinkedIn for years and thought I had a good grasp on how to get the best out of it but how wrong was I. The online group training Simon delivered was fun, interactive, easy to follow and full of tips and I now feel I have a strong online profile and the understanding to increase my exposure by creating engaging posts that get noticed and generate business. 
With Simon’s help I have honed my skills by refreshing my sales process, revisiting my questioning skills, developing my active listening and I have learnt the secret of how to have great meetings. Just ask Simon about T.O.A.D! 
I feel very lucky to have worked with Simon for almost a year which is testimony to the belief my employer puts in his ability to deliver bespoke training that benefits the individual, the team, our organisation and our stakeholders. 
Simon is a pleasure to spend time with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him” 
Mark Livingstone, Employee Engagement Manager, 
Milton Keynes College 
“One of my highlights from this week was a training session with the brilliant Simon White through SkillsHub:MK. Such an informative afternoon where I've learnt loads and started to implement the skills immediately” 
Poppy Read, Business Development Manager, 
BP Pulse, Milton Keynes 
“I've just finished watching the recording from today's sales training session and I'm absolutely IMPRESSED!” 
Roma Lynch, Owner 
SW Hair Training Academy, London 
“Great day today. Learned a lot. Would recommend Simon’s course to any team wanting to develop their LinkedIn skills” 
Andrew Gregory, Chief Financial Officer 
EcoTech (Europe) Ltd, Coventry 
“I have had the pleasure in meeting with Simon a couple of times now where he has given me training to support my role as a key account manager. 
- It really does work - 
His knowledge and insight to becoming a better sales person is brilliant. I have completely changed my ways. Its the small things that have made big changes. It really does work! 
- The Results are in! - 
I have structure to my day, I am more conscious about my actions when it comes to picking up the phone or sending an e-mail. It shows in my results, I have a few new accounts in a few days following my training sessions with Simon and my customer contact rate has increased. 
Turns out I have alot more to learn and can't wait to see Simon again at EcoTech HQ!” 
Lezah Matthews, Key Account Manager 
Ecotech (Europe) Ltd, Coventry 
“Thank you for all the training and support you’ve given me. I feel as if I genuinely have superpowers, I won’t ever forget this"  
Khrish Singh, Key Account Manager 
Ecotech (Europe) Ltd, Coventry 
“Had the pleasure of being invited to a training session on LinkedIn that was delivered by Simon. 
He is extremely knowledgeable and delivered the training in a clear and precise manner. He researched his audience before the session so he could identify areas of ‘weakness’ and of ‘strength’ without making any of the trainees feel uncomfortable, but empowering us to make the simplest of changes to achieve a more positive outcome and platform presence. Highly recommended"  
Neil Russel, Work Placement Coordinator 
Northampton College, Northampton 
“Simon's knowledge, expertise and professionalism make the ultimate combination to support and develop teams on both an individual and group level. His clear and concise advice and training make implementation so much more effective and realistic. I would highly recommend Simon for all your sales and marketing needs"  
Rachel Creamer, Owner, Trinity Education Support Ltd, 
"I have known Simon for many years and always admired his enthusiasm, skill and professionalism. As a business we were feeling we were a bit flat, doing the 'same old same old', we always try make ourselves unique and sometimes you need assistance to re-invent yourself and it was a privilege to be able to ask Simon to take an active role in our business. Simon bought new enthusiasm, taught us some wonderful 'golden nuggets' but mainly helped us rejuvenate our proposal process and presentation which has been received really well by our customer base - and of course resulted in improved conversion ! Thanks for your work Simon, change is never easy, but we took a big step forward implementing what was developed. Look forward to working with you again in the future and wish you all the very best in the meantime." 
Ashley Fenn, Managing Director,  
CDR Pumps UK Ltd, Wellingborough 
"Simon delivered bespoke sales training to our sales team. The training covered the sales process, questioning skills, active listening, building rapport and many more elements of our overall sales proposition. Simon’s training has received the best feedback from our team above all other training courses we've undertaken” 
Neil Munro, Director,  
Acorn Analytical Services, Northampton 
"Thank you so much for coming in today! I think the team learned a lot from your training and that we have a lot of key take home messages and practical elements to work on. Your laid-back attitude helped in instilling confidence in a team that doesn’t usually make sales calls, which will be invaluable moving forwards” 
Robyn Stewart, Managing Director,  
CFS Events Ltd, Stevenage 
“I really enjoyed the training session with Simon. It was a very well-structured day and full of tips I will be using tomorrow and implementing into our telemarketing strategy for the team over the coming weeks” 
Harvey Lock, Sales Team Leader, 
Felgains, Ipswich 
“Thank you so much for yesterday’s Telemarketing Skills training course. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learnt some very valuable advice and tips to help build my confidence and success here at Big Phat Print. I have implemented some of the skills learnt already today, with great success, thank you. I would highly recommend SW Business Development to anyone needing support and guidance in this area. A great magical trick thrown in for free too! Just brilliant!” 
Sam Wooding, Operations Manager,  
Big Phat Print, Wellingborough 
“I attended an event recently where Simon facilitated a short session on building rapport. His style was relaxed, authoritative and fun. He facilitated the learning in a gentle and approachable way, and I wish his session had been longer. I am delighted he is running a session at an event of mine soon so I can learn more” 
Kay Buckby, Managing Director,  
The Development Company, Northampton 
“Simon is a natural trainer, doesn't make new starters feel intimidated but also keeps the enthusiasm of more seasoned individuals. Fully endorse his services” 
Sam Webber, Managing Director,  
Felgains, Ipwich 
“I have been working with Simon for over a year now – when we met the business as at a real turning point and the motivation and push was exactly what was needed. We have worked on a number of business development projects, we have made the business more streamlined and efficient with internal workflow and CRM systems. As a business owner it can be tiring doing all the strategy yourself so it’s great to have Simon there to offer impartial advice and guidance, his experience and mentoring have been invaluable to our success. In fact in the last 12 months turnover has increased by 33% - BUT more astounding is the fact we increased operating profits by 2,881%!!!!!” 
Katey Horne, Managing Director,  
Your Marketing Needs Ltd, Dunstable 
“As the largest independent Toyota and Lexus dealership group in Europe, it is imperative that we work with the most capable suppliers. So when we had a requirement for a sales trainer and consultant to help us improve our new hire onboarding process, Simon was recommended to us as someone who had the right mix of experience, skills and attitude. Having now worked with him on this project, we can wholeheartedly recommend his services” 
Bryan Portsmouth, Operations Director,  
Steven Eagell Group, Milton Keynes 
“I work with the Prince’s Trust as a mentor to young entrepreneurs starting their own business. 
Simon offered to help my latest mentee, who was aiming to develop a sales and marketing action plan. Simon provided targeted insights and ideas, together with practical examples and guidance to really help kick start the business, giving a really confidence boost to the young person” 
Cathy Dunbar, Prince’s Trust Business Mentor,  
“Simon has integrated a completely new sales process into our organisation, and this has also changed our thought processes regarding understanding our customers’ needs more deeply. As these techniques have developed, so too has our skill set. With Simon’s support and training, I believe that we shall continuously improve and develop as a team” 
Kevin Pratt, Sales Manager,  
CDR Pumps, Wellingborough 
“Simon is a fantastic supporter of The Prince's Trust, delivering sales workshops to clients that have progressed through Business Launch Group on our Enterprise program. The sessions are always really engaging and relatable, providing an invaluable opportunity to our young people, enabling them to build the practical skills and knowledge which they can then apply to maximize their business potential. The sessions are always packed with useful tips and techniques which help our clients to hit the ground the running as they begin their journey in business. Simon's contribution and its impact is very much appreciated by The Trust, and we hope this continues into the future. Thanks Simon for all that you do. 
James Bielak, Prince’s Trust Executive” 
James Beilak, Prince's Trust Executive,  
Prince's Trust, East Midlands 
“I’ve known Simon for over 15 years, as both a client and supplier. He is without doubt one of the most professional and likeable people I have met in business. 
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about the sales process up until recently when I attended one of Simon's training days but not only did I learn some useful additional skills and techniques, I realised how many fundamentals I had forgotten over the years. I have no doubt that will be reflected in my sales stats in the months to come” 
Glenn Scanlon, Managing Director,  
GRS Associates Ltd, Bury St. Edmunds 
“Simon has become an extension of our sales and marketing team, providing expert guidance and sales support on various campaigns. Knowledgeable, professional and thorough, I would recommend his services to any company wanting to grow their business” 
Don Wiid , Director,  
CRM Insights, Peterborough 
“I can recommend Simon, he has worked with a few of our teams on different aspects of sales and the results have been brilliant” 
Anna Clarke, Head of Apprenticeships,  
Milton Keynes College 
“Simon is a fantastic sales trainer; he gets straight to the heart of successful selling. Thanks for all your help Simon, just a few hours with you has re-ignited my sales mojo. If you want to be great at sales Simon is your man! Highly recommended” 
Damien O'Dwyer, Director, 
Business Growth Midlands, Kettering 
"I have attended some of Simon's training sessions via Zoom. They are fun, easy to follow and the bite size duration works well for me! Highly recommended” 
Julie Jeffery, Employee Engagement Manager,  
Milton Keynes College 
"I would highly recommend using Simon as a sales trainer/coach. I have had personal experience of both Simon's sales training courses and his 1-2-1 coaching to help improve my sales performance and win clients. 
Simon has a wealth of experience in sales which he brings to these sessions. Utilising Simon's expertise at the training sessions has enabled me to reflect and build on my own sales techniques. 
Coaching sessions with Simon enable me to steer the focus around topical issues that I need to address and improve on so whether it is account management, cold calls or LinkedIn development each week I can build on my performance and improve further. The results can be seen in my sales targets" 
Julie-Ann Hammond, Employee Engagement Manager, 
Milton Keynes College 
"Simon advised from the outset that 3 x 1hr sessions would be far more effective and have a longer lasting effect than a 1/2 day session. I'm pleased to say he was right. I found him a very engaging trainer as did the mixture of senior leaders and operational staff he delivered to. All of which were engaged and measurably improved their LinkedIn knowledge and engagement by the end of the 3rd session. Would recommend to other companies looking to best use LinkedIn to their advantage" 
Michelle Blake, Marketing Manager, 
The College of West Anglia, King's Lynn 
"Just completed a LinkedIn Training course with Simon White. Highly recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their LinkedIn presence and learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively for your job role. Learn important Do's and Don'ts, as well as important tweaks to your page to gain more business. Thank you Simon" 
Maddie Belding, Business Engagement Coordinator, 
The College of West Anglia, King's Lynn 
"Cold calls are certainly not dead! Within a couple of hours training with Simon, I have booked more leads in a week than we normally have done in a month or 2. I feel more in control of our sales process and enjoy removing the pressures of a cold call to make way for just having good conversations as the primary goal. 
Couldn’t recommend Simon enough if anyone is interested. Easy to work with and learn from. Books lessons around you and is very patient and good at giving live examples. Would recommend to anyone" 
Jason Hazlehurst, Director, 
Azura Sport, London 
"Simon has been a great support to me and my business. I got in touch with him when I was looking for a sales coach, someone to help me and my new business with going through processes and techniques for finding new business. Simon really feels like part of my team, he has given me new ideas, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and shared techniques which have really worked. He is incredibly approachable and really goes the extra mile being available by email in between sessions. I'd definitely recommend Simon's coaching to anyone who wants support in sales, particularly if you don't have previous conscious sales experience" 
Nicola Jackson, Business Coach,  
Personal Strengths Coaching, Northampton 
“Coaches also need coaches. I call upon them as and when needed, particularly to help bolster those behavioural preference areas in which I need support. 
It is well established that the best coaches are by nature not necessarily salespeople. Without acquiring clients through a well-structured sales process that does not sound or look like selling, coaches can and do find the process challenging as it calls upon the areas that they might otherwise prefer to avoid. I am no exception. 
I love coaching people through change, not necessarily the sales part in the early stages of building rapport with a prospective client, yet when it goes well it is enormously gratifying and enjoyable. Fortunately I enjoy meeting people, but, I can have a tendency of trying too hard, when all I need to do is relax, follow the simple structure in the initial meetings and be confident by playing to my strengths. This is where Simon has been very helpful. 
Simon's gift is in the useful nuggets that he imparts to help have the important initial opening conversations with prospective Clients that helps me put them at their ease, which in turn helps them to make a good decision that's right for them. 
As a Coach who values having coaches, I recommend having a conversation with Simon and taking it from there" 
James Leeper, Executive Coach, Adsum Auxilium, Cumbria 
“Simon's knowledge of the sales function and the psychology behind it is second to none - I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of engaging him for their business needs" 
Richard Garwell, Director & Mentor, WLP, Peterborough 
“Simon delivered some superb sales training to our team. He expertly catered for the wide range of experience we had (from new starters fresh out of university to staff with 20+ years of sales/customer service experience). He engaged and kept the sessions interesting, interactive and for me personally (having experienced a variety of sales training over the years) opened my eyes to some new developments and techniques in the sales world that have come out within the last couple of years. I look forward to working more with Simon in the future" 
Matthew Gausden-Walker, New Enquiries Team Manager, Wilson Browne Solicitors, Northampton 
“Impressive intuition of the delegate's understanding and level, how much knowledge can be transferred per session, and how to pitch, demonstrate and check the knowledge so that long term retention takes place. 
Articulate and concise delivery, and an awareness of finding individuals' gaps in knowledge and addressing those gaps, really demonstrates the experience and length of time Simon has clearly executed this type of training successfully in many types of businesses. Would highly recommend"  
Adriana Staniscia, Business Owner, Hample Hampers, Kettering 
Had the pleasure of being trained by Simon this year. One of Simon's most impressive qualities is his ability to connect with trainees and understand their individual learning needs. He created a supportive and motivating environment that encourages active participation and continuous improvement. Simon has an approachable and patient demeanor, combined with strong communication skills, ensured that I felt valued and empowered"  
Philippa Sharp, Business Development Manager, 
Miracle Design and Play, Northampton 
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